ladies have black, thicker, fuller hair with applying hair shadow powder
lady with fuller, thicker hair after applying hair shadow powder
ladies with thicker hair volume after applying hair shadow powder
lady with full and thick hair after 12 hours at the beach using hair shadow powder
how to apply hair shadow powder
how to remove hair shadow powder
hair shadow powder with mirror, powder and elastic puff
brown hair and blonde hair after applying hair shadow powder
ladies with different hair colors using hair shadow powder
ladies with different hair colors using hair shadow powder
ladies with different hair types using hair shadow powder
hair shadow powder with different colors
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in black color
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in Auburn
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in Black
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in Blonde
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in Brown
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in Dark Brown
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in Grey
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in Light Blonde
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in Light Brown
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in Light Coffee
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in Med Blonde
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in Med Brown
Agaze Dab-N-FixHair in Red Brown

Agaze Dab-N-FixHair™

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Camouflage The Sparse Spot to A Thicker and Fuller Hair Look

Imagine you need to take group selfies and the camera starts zooming to your obvious receding hairline. Wish the hair gaps can be cover up now?  Here’s where Agaze Dab-N-FixHair™ come to the rescue. This hair shadow powder be the instant hair coverage to cover any sparse, thin, and grey hair. Just puff and dab the powder at any patchy hair area!

With its 12 hours staying power, it’s a perfect solution to change the color of your scalp temporarily, without sticky or gunky feels. Easily create an illusion of having thicker and voluminous hair. With its compact design, you can touch-up anytime, in any events or occasions. Available in multiple hair colors, it’s time to gain back the hair confidence again!

  • instant coverage for sparse, thin, and grey hairFacing hair loss and thinning hair? Create fuller and thicker-looking strands with Agaze Dab-N-FixHair™! Before an important event, this hair powder is a fast and convenient option to conceal bald, thin, or grey spots.
  • long-lasting Staying PowerAgaze Dab-N-FixHair™ will lock the color onto the scalp and stays on until the next shampoo wash! The fastest and temporary solution to improve hair thickness and volume.
  • quick application

    Easily puff and wash off! Gently dab the powder to the desired hair area. The puff will ensure all areas are strategically coated. To remove, wash with shampoo and rinse through with water.

  • touch-up your hair anywhere

    Lightweight by design, this hair shading powder will not weigh down the handbag or pocket. For quick touch-ups before meeting your date or taking selfies, the compact mirror is here to make sure the color is perfectly blend. In fact, the powder works well in absorbing extra oil on hair roots, giving the hair a more voluminous and non-oily scalp look.

  • Safe FormulaSuitable for normal or sensitive scalps, no sticky or gunky feels after application. Specially formulated long lasting color to help conceal bald spots, thinning patches and sparse hair in long hours.
  • Pick Your Matching color
  • Comes in 12 amazing colors to match with your hair color without needing to go a salon. Choose from black, grey, blonde, auburn, light brown, light coffee, red brown and many more!
  • Suitable For All Hair Types
  • It’s a pressed pigmented powder that is very fine and able to stick on to all types of hair type; fine/coarse, colored/non-colored, treated/non-treated hair.


      • IngredientsNatural Keratin Hair Powder
      • Shelf Life4 Years
1. Please allow 1-2 centimeters difference due to manual measurement.
2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
        • 1x Agaze Dab-N-FixHair™
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Q: Why Agaze Dab-N-Hairfix will work better to give good coverage on hair?
A: Agaze Dab-N-FixHair™ is a special formulated pressed powder with color pigments for hair strands. The powder can stick onto all types of hair and last up to next wash.

Q: Can I use this on eyebrow or beard?
A: Yes, you can use this as eyebrow or beard powder. Please use an eyebrow powder brush for best results.


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