woman applying double color eyeshadow stick
girl with perfect eyeshadow blending
Agaze DuoBlend EyeStick with one swipe application
girls applying creamy texture eyeshadow
safe to use eyeshadow stick
girls with anti smudge and waterproof eyeshadow
girls applying makeup
slim like a lipstick eyeshadow stick
Agaze DuoBlend EyeStick measurement
Agaze DuoBlend EyeStick shade 1
Agaze DuoBlend EyeStick shade 2
Agaze DuoBlend EyeStick shade 3
Agaze DuoBlend EyeStick shade 4
Agaze DuoBlend EyeStick shade 5
Agaze DuoBlend EyeStick shade 6

Agaze DuoBlend EyeStick™

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Fast and Beautiful Eye Makeup in Seconds

Do you have troubling choose some nice eyeshadow colors which blends well into each other? Having difficulty to choose the best natural looking eyeshadow colors which suits your skin color? It is time to let your eyes shine with our latest eyeshadow blending stick. Introducing the Agaze DuoBlend EyeStick™, a two-toned eyeshadow stick which combines a base shade and blending color all together in 1 sleek tube. 1 swipe across the eyelid will create a natural gradation eye makeup that is so easy to use, everyone wants a piece of this.

Comes in 6 choices of color pair, the color combinations are created in mind for each and every skin color. The eyeshadows are cream based, as it provide smooth gliding application. Paired along with long-lasting pigment color that is waterproof, it provides long-hour color stay onto eyelid. Safe for all skin types as it is made from hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved ingredients. Sized just like a lipstick, it can be conveniently carried in your party bag, pouch or even in a WOC (wallet on chain). Pick one today and your eyes shall never go bare again!

    • Best Match Made for Eyeshadow
      The two-color combination blocks consist of base color and its matching blending color. No more mismatched eyeshadows, no more bland unattractive eyes.
    • One-Swipe ApplicationThe flat oblique cutting on the eyeshadow stick is designed for easy application with optimal color ration of 4:6 (point : base color) on your eyelid. One swipe is all you need for mesmerizing eyes!
    • Makeup in Seconds
      Formulated in smooth creamy texture, it is easy to blend the colors  using finger or brush.
    • Long-lasting Wear
      Highly pigmented colors with shimmering glitters that are waterproof and stay on for long hours.  You can worry-free about smudging eyeshadow or powdery substance getting into your eyes.
    • Safe to Use
      Made from hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved ingredients, this eyeshadow is suitable and safe for all skin types use.
    • The Perfect Eyeshadow Stick for Every WomanNo blending or layering skills are needed. Perfect for makeup beginners or professional make-up artist to apply in any celebrations, occasions and daily look.
    • Slim Like a LipstickIt was designed to match the size of a lipstick. Convenient to carry around even in small pouch. If you can carry a lipstick around, you sure can carry Agaze DuoBlend EyeStick™ for immediate touch-up anytime, anywhere. Why need to carry eyeshadow palette which is bulky and heavy when all you need is just 1 lipstick-sized eyeshadow weighing 30gram!

          • shade color:Shade #1, Shade #2, Shade #3, Shade #4, Shade #5, Shade #6
          • measurement:3.14" x 0.59" (8CM x 1.5CM)
1. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
2. Please allow 1-2 inches difference due to manual measurement.
                • 1 x Agaze DuoBlend EyeStick™
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Q: How do I remove the eyeshadow color?
A: It can be removed by using oil-based makeup remover or eye make-up remover. Pour some remover on cotton pad and gently wipe over the eyes in one quick go.

Q: Are they animal-cruelty free?
A: Yes, no animal testing and cruelty free. This product is dermatologist-tested and suitable for all skin types. Safe to use. 

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