Agaze Elite-Trimz Brows™
a girl pulling her eyebrows painfully with a tweezer
a 360 degree and dual edge blade eyebrow trimmer to remove unwanted hair
Eyebrow trimmer with built-in LED light
how to use Agaze Elite-Trimz Brow eyebrow trimmer
charge eyebrow trimmer with a usb cable or with 1x AAA battery
an eyebrow trimmer in a traveling makeup pouch
an eyebrow trimmer with a small cleaning brush
an eyebrow trimmer for eyebrows, upper lips, face, knuckles, neck
the measurement for Agaze Elite-Trimz Brows
black color of Agaze Elite-Trimz Brows
a white color of Agaze Elite-Trimz Brows
gold color of Agaze Elite-Trimz Brows

Agaze Elite-Trimz Brows™

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Clean, Precise and Pain-Free Brow Trimming Solution

Finding the perfect alternatives for traditional brow wax and tweezers? Despise the weekly painful threading session? Fret no more, introducing Agaze Elite-Trimz Brows™, your next go-to beauty gadget to tidy up the uneven, bushy brows. This multi-functional tool is for everyone who desire painless and clean shaves with precise trimming. Not limited to men or women!

With a 360° trimming solution, it removes stray hairs expertly without pulling skin and causes no redness or irritation to skin. This pen-like trimmer also comes with a built-in LED light to trim unwanted hairs, even on a dim-light area. Just fully charged for up to 3 hours, push the switch up and trim. Lightweight and portable, just bring this travel-friendly trimmer anywhere and use it on brows, upper lip, or sideburn. Give the bushy brows a top-tier trimming today!

    • Safe, Pain-Free Brow Solution
      Tweezing comes with pain. But Agaze Elite-Trimz Brows™ is here to offer a non-plucking, and wax-free solution that gentle to all skin types! With pen-tip trimmer, enjoy trimming the brows painlessly without nicks, redness, or irritation.
    • 360° All Precision TrimmingFeatured with 360° dual-edge blade, this eyebrow trimmer will shave brows precisely on hard-to-reach areas and remove hair roots effectively. Which last longer than any shaving results! Leave no stubbles behind after shave.
    • Built-In Spotlight
      Equipped with a soft LED built-in light with a 18k gold-plated, hypoallergenic head for smooth and accurate trimming experiences. Easily remove the fine hairs even in low-light areas.
    • USB Rechargeable or AAA Batteries
      Fully charged the trimmer for 3 solid hours with USB cables! If USB rechargeable is not your preference, an AAA battery-operated eyebrow trimmer is available. Choose the best charging methods depending on your lifestyle and conveniences!
    • Lightweight and Portable
      Shape like a Pen, Light like a lipstick. This lightweight and travel-friendly trimmer allows you to tidy up the brows or remove facial hair anywhere. Easy to carry around in a bag or makeup pouch!
    • Multi-Functional
      Agaze Elite-Trimz Brows™ is not limited for bushy brows only. Anyone can use this trimmer as a daily maintenance tool for upper lip hair, face, neck, knuckles, sideburn, or small unwanted hair.
          • power type:USB / 1 x AAA battery
          • colors:Black, White, Gold
          • measurement:5.1" x 0.7" (13CM x 1.8CM)

1.  Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
2. Please allow 1-2 inches difference due to manual measurement.
                • 1 x Agaze Elite-Trimz Brows™ (BATTERY VARIANT) OR

                  1 x Agaze Elite-Trimz Brows™ (USB VARIANT)
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Q: Can I use this product as a nose trimmer?
A: This product is best suited to use for eyebrows, upper lip hair, hairline or any unwanted facial hair. Not recommended to use as a nose trimmer.

Q: Do I clean the hair off from the head?
A: No washing is required. Just use a tiny cleaning brush to remove the hair off and clean the head.

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