lady uses magic shampoo from her gray hair to brown hair
ladies cover their gray hair and roots with magic shampoo
girl covers her gray roots with magic shampoo
girl covers her gray roots with using magic shampoo
organic and natural herbal extracts make hair shiny and smooth
girl has shiny and glowy hair after using magic shampoo
instructions to use magic shampoo
lady use magic shampoo without staining her hands
ladies maintain their hair color with this magic shampoo
this magic shampoo is suitable for all hair types
magic shampoo comes in 500ml bottle or 30ml sachet and is available in 6 variety of colors
package comes with bottle or 1 pack, 3 packs or 6 packs with any color of your choices
1 pack of magic shampoo satchet in black
1 pack of magic shampoo satchet in chestnut brown
1 pack of magic shampoo satchet in coffee
1 pack of magic shampoo satchet in dark coffee
1 pack of magic shampoo satchet in purple
1 pack of magic shampoo satchet in wine red
magic shampoo bottle in black
magic shampoo bottle in chestnut brown
magic shampoo bottle in coffee
magic shampoo bottle in dark coffee
magic shampoo bottle in purple
magic shampoo bottle in wine red

Agaze GrayHair Rescue Shampoo™

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Restore Your Hair Color Naturally In 1 Wash!

This 10-minute magic shampoo is perfect for hair roots touch-ups or just to maintain your hair color. It is also perfect for covering gray hair in just 10 minutes! Moisturize and protect your scalp from drying to prevent dandruff. Apply this as your normal shampoo and see the transformation of your gray hair to shiny and vivid-looking hair! 

Regain your bouncy and healthy-looking hair with Agaze GrayHair Rescue Shampoo™! It naturally restores pigment cells in just 10 minutes! Works as a hair conditioner with various organic herbal extracts which are non-toxic and moisturizing. Safe for your scalp and your hair. Get yours today for healthy-looking hair with nice hair color!

  • perfect gray hair coverage

    Ever thinking of getting back the lustrous hair during younger days? You may now obtain your youth back with Agaze GrayHair Rescue Shampoo™! It replenishes your gray hair instantly while giving you a lively and glowing look. Leave on for 10 minutes for mild gray hair coverage and up to 20 minutes for moderate to full gray hair coverage.

  • natural herbal extracts
  • Agaze GrayHair Rescue Shampoo™ contains natural herbal extracts like Saponins and black seeds to cleanse the scalp and hair impurities, Tuber Fleeceflower and Ginseng to stimulate the growth stage in hair follicles and Ganoderma to protect fragile hair.

  • gentle to use

    No more pungent smell on your hair! Unlike traditional hair dye, this shampoo does not contain a strong ammonia smell. Contrariwise, the botanical extract in this bottle leaves your hair smelling divine all day.

  • hassle-free application

    A single bottle or sachet of Agaze GrayHair Rescue Shampoo™ will only take a few minutes to give you a lustrous black hair color that will last up to 14 days. All-in-One shampoo that gives hair healthy shine, moisturizing, and is scalp friendly. No bowl or brush is required.

  • transfer-proof

    Agaze GrayHair Rescue Shampoo™ has a strong color lock feature as it will not easily be washed out. Hence, there is no need to worry about color bleeding that might stain your clothes or pillow.

  • keep colored hair maintenance-free
  • Save your trip to the salon for touch up!  You could achieve the same salon result with this shampoo in the comfort of your home. Use 1 sachet or a few pumps from the bottle every week to maintain the color on new hair growth, gray hairs, or uneven hair colors.


      • ingredientsGanoderma, Black Seed, Ginseng, Saponins, Tuber Fleeceflower
      • size500ML Bottle / 30ML Sachet
      • colorsBlack, Dark Coffee, Coffee, Wine Red, Chestnut Brown, Purple
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        • (Satchets) 1x / 3x / 6x OR 1x Bottle Agaze GrayHair Rescue Shampoo™
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Q: Can I leave the shampoo on for more than 10 minutes?
A: Yes, Agaze GrayHair Rescue Shampoo™ can be leave on for more than 10 minutes (10-20 minutes) if you want a stronger color.

Q: Can I use it for beard?
A: Yes, it can be used on beard as well.

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