women draw a perfect eyeliner with guide wand eyeliner
women have full control of drawing precise eyeliner with using guide wand eyeliner
girl with shaky hand drawing eyeliner using guide wand eyeliner
comparison between other eyeliner and guide wand eyeliner
guide wand eyeliner is easy to draw since the tip is curved and flexible
woman draw eyeliner easily while holding on guide wand eyeliner vertical handle
woman has the perfect eyeliner on even if its sunny and rainy using guide wand eyeliner
instructions on applying guide wand eyeliner
instructions on applying guide wand eyeliner
woman draw all kinds of eyeliner styles with guide wand eyeliner
measurement for guide wand eyeliner
package includes 1x guide wand eyeliner with a choice of black or brown liner cream
black variant for guide wand eyeliner
brown variant for guide wand eyeliner

Agaze PerfectLine Eyeliner™

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Get ready for a whole new approach to applying even-shape eyeliners. Introducing Agaze PerfectLine Eyeliner™, the eyeliner wand duo that draws precise eyeliners despite the tremors or shaky hands. Full control over your liner drawings with a curve-designed applicator tip and ergonomic vertical wand to follows the natural eye’s shape.

Featured with a waterproof eyeliner pot, the saturated black shade is long-lasting and stay stylish throughout rain, sweats, or tears. Easy to apply, just dip the wand into the eyeliner pot and start gliding for a clean swoop. Whether you are a beginner or pro-artists, see yourself wearing eyeliner every day and achieve the classic, winged, or tight-lining liner the quickest way!

    • Get full control on Drawing precise eyelinerStruggle to draw the perfect eyeliner due to shaky hands? Agaze PerfectLine Eyeliner™ gives you full control to draw a clean swoop across your lash line, despite tremors or shaky hands.
    • Curved and flexible eyeliner wand tipThis duo eyeliner set comes with a curved, soft, and flexible  applicator tip that instantly conform to your eye’s natural shape. You can draw upper, lower, waterline or winged eyeliner with ease in mind as the wand tip is gentle on the skin and eyes. Unlike conventional brush tip, this curved applicator tip is wider, flat and yet soft to the skin.
    • ergonomic vertical handleApply eyeliner with no tugging, dragging, or pulling! The eyeliner wand is built for firm vertical holding and enables you to firmly hold the wand on your palm for steady application. This revolutionary-designed wand is the perfect solution for anyone who struggled to draw flawless eyeliner using pen, brush, or pencil eyeliner.
    • waterproof and long-lasting eyeliner potFeatured with a rich and saturated black hue, stay confident as the eyeliner will remain gorgeous all day through sweat, tears, and rain. The matte formula allows more flexibility as it can be drawn in precise line or smudged out for softer look effect.
    • eASY APPLICATIONJust dip the wand into the pot of pigment, and glide with the wand applicator according to desired eyeliner technique. Any beginner or pro-makeup artist can use this to complete the makeup look in a short time.
    • ACHIEVE ANY EYELINER DESIGN WITH A SWOOPMake your eyeliner application a lot easier with Agaze PerfectLine Eyeliner™. From classic lines to winged eyeliner, this is the quickest way to apply any eyeliner techniques that you’ve been wanting to try.
          • Color:Black, Brown
          • measurement:7.48" x 0.98" / 19CM x 2.5CM
1. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
2. Please allow 1-2 inches difference due to manual measurement.
                • 1 x Agaze PerfectLine Eyeliner™
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Q: What is the difference between any conventional eyeliner versus Agaze PerfectLine Eyeliner™?
A: Conventional pen, pencil or brush eyeliner is designed for the fingers to hold it horizontally and draw. However, this is a problem to those who have shaky hands. Whereby our product, Agaze PerfectLine Eyeliner™ is designed for the palm to hold it vertically and this will ensure a stronger, steadier, and firmer grip to reduce shaky hands problems.

Q: Do you have other eyeliner colors besides black?
A: Agaze PerfectLine Eyeliner™ is currently available in black and brown color only.

Q: Are they animal-cruelty free?
A: Yes, the product does not run any tests on animals.

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