Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ (4 Pieces)
Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ (4 Pieces)
Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ (4 Pieces)
Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ (4 Pieces)
Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ (4 Pieces)
Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ (4 Pieces)
Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ (4 Pieces)
Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ (4 Pieces)
Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ (4 Pieces)
Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ (4 Pieces)

Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ (4 Pieces)

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Stencil to Create the Most Eye-Catching Look in Seconds

Imagine not able to get your eyeshadows blended in flawlessly or kept getting uneven eyeliners drawn. It must have been frustrating of fixing the makeup all over again. Fret not, our Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ got you covered! With our straightforward and mess-free stencil, simply lay the stencil flat and line the eyes perfectly in seconds with a pro result.

Available in 2 captivating designs: cat eyes and smokey eyes. Pick one or both styles for daily or special occasions. This flexible stencil is quick and easy-to-apply, reusable and washable for countless times to create a well-proportioned and identical eye makeup. Fit for most eye shapes, any beginners will find this stencil as an ultimate guide to draw the iconic cat eyeliners look.

    • Create Purr-fect Cat Eyeliner in Seconds
      Finding the right angle for the eyeliner is almost impossible while rushing! With Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™, you can draw the perfect and precise liner on your eyes stunningly without spending HOURS in front of the mirror.
    • Blend Smokey Eyes Like a Pro
      Brushes are a must-have to create smokey eyes, but the finding the right blending technique is tricky. Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ got you covered with even blending between the liner and shadow effortlessly and achieve sultry look as result.
    • No Smudge and Mess-Free
      Tired of uneven wings and smudge while drawing the liners? This stencil ensures that your cat eyes turn out the exact shape and angle on each side without letting shaking hands ruin the whole look!
    • Quick and Easy Application
      Just position this stencil eyeliner and angling it upward or downward according to your preferences. Lay the stencil flat on skin to ensure the most precise winged eyeliner
    • Reusable and Washable
      Easily wipe off any excess makeup products, washable and ready for everyday-use again.
    • 2 Flexible Design
      Comes with 2 ergonomic designs: cat eyes and smokey eyes that fit for most eye shapes. Choose one or both to match your looks and special occasions.
    • Perfect for Beginners
      New to the eyeliner games? This stencil is a great introduction and guide to draw cat eyeliners with ultimate result. Let this stencil make it easier for you!
          • MEASUREMENT:SMOKEY EYE STENCIL: 2.63" x 1.37" (6.7CM x 3.5CM)
            CAT EYELINER STENCIL: 2.75" x 1.5" (7CM x 3.8CM)
1. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
2. Please allow 1-2 inches difference due to manual measurement.
                • 1x Agaze Smoke n Cat Stencil™ (4 pieces)
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FAQQ: Can I reuse these eyeliner stencils again?
A: Yes, you can. Just wash or wipe off any excess makeup on this stencil and it’s ready to use again.

Q: What type of eye shape is suitable to use this product?
A: This eyeliner stencil is versatile and can be used by most eye-shapes like almond eyes, round eyes, upturned eyes, hooded eyes, etc. 

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