woman pouring cereal with seal and pour bag clip
woman seal bag with seal and pour bag clip
woman seal food with seal and pour bag clip
different bag with seal and pour bag clip
seal and pour bag clip with food grade
how to use seal and pour bag clip
how to use seal and pour bag clip
3 pieces of seal and pour bag clip in blue
3 pieces of seal and pour bag clip in grey

InnWiz Ez-Lock & Pour™ (3 Pieces)

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Conventional food clippers can be quite a nuisance. It does not last-long and it does not keep the food fresh for long as it is not tightly sealed. Resealable  bags can cause spillage and the lock breaks easily.

InnWiz Ez-Lock & Pour™ is made of safe food-grade PP (BPA-free). It is completely easy to use and keeps the food fresh for a long time. The clip easily attaches to bags with an air-tight grip to keep food fresh while the handy pour spout makes it quick and simple to pour the perfect amount of food out of the bag each time. Get yours today to store and pour your food out easily!

    • keep your food freshThe air-tight seal clip is perfect to seal food or snack bags to maintain the food fresh. There's no need to force yourself to finish the bag of stale potato chips, and no need to throw it away. You can save it for more days without losing the crispiness and freshness!
      The clip has a handy pour spout with a lid, so you can quickly and easily pour the contents of the bag without needing to open it every time. Using InnWiz Ez-Lock & Pour™ and attaching it to a bag can easily turn it into a bottle or a jar. It will make it easy for you to store and pour food out.
    • ideal for cereal, pasta, nuts, candy, grains and more
      InnWiz Ez-Lock & Pour™ fits most bags and is perfect for storing cereal, pasta, chips, candy, and other snacks bags. It generally fits into most plastic packet or bags, as long as the clip can securely fit and lock it.
    • reusable and long-lasting
      Made of high-quality food-grade PP (BPA free) material that is durable, non-toxic, eco-friendly and reliable to use. It is light-weight, easy to carry, can be use in kitchen, living room, office, dorms, even convenient to bring for travelling.
          • Material:Food-grade PP (BPA free)
          • size: 13cm x 6cm/5.12" x 2.36"
          • Measurement: 
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                • 1 set x InnWiz Ez-Lock & Pour™ (3 pieces)
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Q: Can it be used in the freezer/refrigerator? 
A: Yes, it can be used in both.

Q: Can it be used on paper bags as well?
A: Yes, this clip can be used on both paper and plastic bag. As long as the clip is able to fit in and able to securely lock it.

Q: How do I wash them?
A: Just simply wash it with dish soap and water and then leave them to dry.

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