InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™
InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™
InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™
InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™
InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™
InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™
InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™
InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™
InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™
InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™

InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™

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Having a hard time looking for utensils or items in the pile of mess? Organinze and minimize the clutters effectively with InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™. Install this 6-in-1 hanging hook easily by just inserting it into your cabinet to meet your daily use! It can hang 6 items on it to keep all items organized and reachable anytime.

It is built with high-quality wrought iron material, it can be stably installed on any standard shelf in kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets or other scenarios. InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™ is strong and reliable as it can hold up to 44lbs (20KG) of items without falling off! Buy these hooks today and easily access any items you want anytime, anywhere!

  • EFFICIENT SPACE ORGANIZER Keep everything organized by hanging 6 items onto this hook! Save time and reach any kitchen utensils, neckties or other items you want! No more hiding the items underneath a messy pile or clutters inside your drawers or cabinet.
    • EASY TO INSTALL It can be easily installed under the cabinets of kitchen or rooms by just inserting it under any standard sized cabinets. Start utilizing the unused space in your home such as the under-cabinet racks.
    • STABLE AND STEADY HOOKS Reliable and never falling off items as it is constructed by wrought iron which is known to be strong. It is durable and strong enough to hold items up to 44LBS (20KG)!
    • WIDE APPLICATION Widely applicable to hold various items such as kitchen utensils, cook wares, neckties, bags and much more!
    Kate L., USA"I have a tiny kitchen, and this was perfect to clear up some cabinet space! It's very sturdy."
    • SAVES SPACE EFFECTIVELY It can used in various scenario to help organizing and saving space effectively by holding objects on it for easy access anytime!
      • Material: Painted Wrought Iron
      • Holding Strength: Up to 44lbs (20KG)
      • Product Size:25CM x 4.CM x 2.5CM (9.8 Inches x 1.57 Inches x 0.98 Inches)
      1. Please allow 1-2 centimeters difference due to manual measurement.
      2. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
        • 1x InnWiz Ezi-Space Hanger™
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        Q: Do I need any screws or adhesive tape to install this hanger?
        A: No screws or adhesive tape needed. Simply insert it onto the cabinet and it is ready to be use.

        Q: Will the hook stops me from closing the cabinet after installing it?
        A: No, the hook is thin enough to allow the cabinet door to be close at any times while using it.

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