InnWiz Tissue Pocket™
InnWiz Tissue Pocket™
InnWiz Tissue Pocket™
InnWiz Tissue Pocket™
InnWiz Tissue Pocket™
InnWiz Tissue Pocket™
InnWiz Tissue Pocket™
InnWiz Tissue Pocket™
InnWiz Tissue Pocket™
InnWiz Tissue Pocket™
InnWiz Tissue Pocket™

InnWiz Tissue Pocket™

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Tissue boxes can slide or fall off easily in your car when you're driving and it can distract you from driving while trying to get a piece of tissue paper. At times, our pet can scratch and ruin our tissue box and make a mess in our car.

An amazing tissue holder that offers more flexibility and convenience than any other tissue holders! It is perfect for drivers to grab a tissue when they are driving or on a road trip. It is widely applicable for many placements such as on the sun visor, rear doors, back seats, etc. Grab one today and ease the hassle of grabbing a tissue whenever and wherever! 

      The classic and compact design helps to keep your car more organized and saves space in your car. The clip will be held on tightly everywhere and the tissue case will not be dropped down. You can drive without any distraction as it is so convenient to just grab and go. It is suitable for any travel-size packet tissues or even wet tissues.
    • applicable for various places
      The compact size is perfect for many places. It can be fixed into the sun visor, backseat and the doors of the car. InnWiz Tissue Pocket™ is suitable for most cars, also perfect to use on truck, boat and RV. 
    • can be carried around easily
      InnWiz Tissue Pocket™ is also known to be a small purse to carry around to the restaurant, washroom or anywhere else whenever you need a tissue. The sleek and compact design allow users to enjoy both fashionable and convenient experience.
    • easy installation
      It takes second to install on any possible places. Firstly, open the clip provided on InnWiz Tissue Pocket™ and then slide it to the desired placement, make sure you securely clip it in then you're all set and ready to go!
    • sleek and durable design
      It is made of high-quality PU Leather which gives off classy vibes wherever you have InnWiz Tissue Pocket™around. Besides enhancing the grade of your car interior, it gives users safe driving experience as it does not block your view from driving. 
          • Material:PU Leather
          • COLOR:Beige/Black/White Stripes/Red Stripes
          • PRODUCT SIZE:
1. Different screen display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from images.
2. Please allow 1-2 inches difference due to manual measurement.
                • 1 x InnWiz Tissue Pocket™
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Q: Is this applicable anywhere else besides car interior?
A: Yes, the compact size is perfect for various places such as in the bedroom or toilet, with the clip you can easily attach it to any placement.

Q: How do I clean it?
A: We recommend to gently wipe it with wet tissue to clean it.

Q: Q: Can I put in wet tissues pack as well?
A: Definitely!

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