wiping dirt on plate with fish scale cleaning towel
remove stain with just water with fish scale cloth
remove hardwater stains and soup scum without chemical with fish scale towel
absorb liquid with fish scale cloth
strong absorption with fish scale cloth as compared to other fiber towel
clean and store fish scale cloth easily
hang fish scale cloth and fold easily in drawers cabinet or racks
quick dry anti mold growing fish scale cloth
durable and no shedding fish scale cloth
use fish scale cloth for utensils, cars and windows
fish scale cloth measurement
fish scale cloth package includes 2 pieces and 5 pieces
5 pieces of fish scale clothes
2 pieces of fish scale clothes
2 pieces of fish scale clothes
5 pieces of fish scale clothes
5 pieces of fish scale clothes
2 pieces of fish scale clothes
5 pieces of fish scale clothes

InnWiz UltraScale Cleaning Towel™

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Remove Hardwater Stains, Dust & Oil Without Chemical

Keep your living space sparkling clean, neat as button and spotless from time to time with InnWiz UltraScale Cleaning Towel™! Saves you plenty of time as you can easily clean with this ultrascale cleaning towel. It has a double-sided concave-convex texture with a fine fish scale grid. This creates a better effect of removing water marks since its design has made it to have an increment of friction when wiping.

This easy-to-wipe fish scale cloth catches dust easily and removes dust really quickly. It is also easy to cleanhighly absorbent and air quick dry. It has a non-abrasive design that won't scratch surfaces, paints, furniture, stainless steel and more. They are great to have at home, it can be used on most surfaced area in your home. Get yours now!

      • easiest way to remove stains with just water
        Why hire a professional cleaner when you can save yourself some time and use this easy-to-wipe ultrascale cleaning towel? With only using water, it helps to gets rid of dirt stains and removes water marks to provide a flawless and spotless surface. A must have in your house!

        With its unique fiber material, our InnWiz UltraScale Cleaning Towel™ is quick and powerful as it can absorb dust, particles, or liquid 7x more than other microfiber towel!

      • easy to clean and store
        Our InnWiz UltraScale Cleaning Towel™ has amazing self-cleaning ability, which is convenient and time-saving. Suitable for daily housework, hotel, restaurants and car washing. When the cloth is contaminated with various stains, you can wash it off with water. It also dries off very quickly! It is also easy to store as it only takes up a small amount of space after you've folded them.
      • durable and no sheddingAs our InnWiz UltraScale Cleaning Towel™ is beautifully made of unique fiber material, it is durable and long-lasting. Also, after several times of using it, it won't shed and it will still remain brand new!
      • Widely UsableSuitable for tablewarekitchen utensils and appliances, countertops, wine glasses, silverware and more. It is super versatile as it can even clean the inside and outside of a car well. 
          • Material:Superfine Fiber
          • measurement:Medium: 12" x 12" (30CM x 30CM)
          • Large: 16" x 12" (40CM x 30CM)

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                • 2x InnWiz UltraScale Cleaning Towel™ / 5InnWiz UltraScale Cleaning Towel™
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Q: Can I use this to clean my car? 
A: Yes, InnWiz UltraScale Cleaning Towel™ is widely usable and can be used to clean the inside and the outside of your car. 

Q: Does this absorb well?
A: Yes, InnWiz UltraScale Cleaning Towel™ is a quick and powerful cloth as it can absorb dust, particles, or liquid 7 times on its own weight.

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